Kalodromo focuses on providing high Cycladic stone processing culture. The processing of the marble dates back to the 3rd millennium before Christ and today their works are outstanding in the cultural history of Europe. Against this background and in view of the Cycladic design Kalodromo provides marble objects that take the forms of the sea and the archaic ground in which the material is grown into account.

All vessels, objects and sculptures Kalodromo is producing are hand-crafted unique pieces. The island of Naxos has some marble quarries in the center. The bricks from which the objects are made are coming from there. We have to adapt to the color, shape and density of the stone. These conditions form the basis for any object that is created.

Our Objects are kept raw, the traces of the craft are visible and the surfaces are not polished. This gives the Objects their uniqueness.

We love this work that is challenging and often brings us to the edge however we master it more and more with serenity and dedication to the stone. We are convinced that this is seen and felt while looking at and touching the vessels. This is the core and the beauty of this work.

If you are touched by our objects we have reached our aim.

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